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China is already cutting massively its emissions

China emissions

While some analysts thought that China would cut its emissions in 2040 it is already starting to actually take place, and in an impressive way as new analyses have shown. Read more

Switzerland to halve its emissions by 2030

Switzerland to halve its emissions by 2030

Here is another article published at Cleantechies on how Switzerland is showing some leadership by targetting 50 percent greenhouse gases emissions cuts by 2030. This is a bold move that deserves to inspire other countries.

Using drones to plant millions of trees (video)

BioCarbon Engineering

Drones are all the rage these days. So why not use them to counter industrial scale deforestation with industrial scale reforestation ? (granted, we shouldn’t cut the trees in the first place…) Read more

The United States are entering a post-oil world

Abandoned oil pumps

When Bloomberg writes that in the United States  Big Oil Is About to Lose Control of the Auto Industryyou know there is something going on, especially when they rely on solid BNEF study and data.  Read more

Book review : Energy for Future Presidents

energy for future presidents

Having access to the Seattle Public Library I was able to borrow this book that was strongly recommended to me by Jimmy Jia, one of the many bright faculty of Pinchot University. Read more

European energy policies bought and paid for

Euros banknotes

According to several sources, oil giant company Shell bought the European energy policy to be as low as possible on renewable energy sources. To learn out more read my latest piece at Cleantechies.

Tesla unveils its Powerwall, a revolution in the making

tesla powerwall

If you consume as little as electricity as you can and have solar panels installed, you are just one step away from being independant from coal and gas fueled utilities. This step might come sooner than expected thanks to Tesla. Read more

Pollution is the top killer in developping nations

Horrendous air pollution in Dehli, India

What kills the most people in developping countries ? You might think about AIDS / HIV. Or malaria… No : it’s pollution, which killed no less than 8.4 million people in 2012. In comparison, AIDS “only” killed 1.5 million and malaria 600,000. Read more

Adidas to recycle the oceans’ plastic

adidas plastic from the oceans

We have seen previously that not only cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible but it could be done quite quickly. Now comes Adidas, the famous sportswear company, with the logical continuation : manufacture stuff with the recovered plastic ! Read more

China’s coal consumption is decreasing

China coal train

In the past few weeks different news from China made me feel hopeful for our common climate and civilization. Indeed, the country’s coal consumption has started to decrease, with a 2.9 percent cut in 2014. Read more

The beginning of the end for fossil fuels

Oil extraction

Today, fossil fuels account for the vast majority of energy sources around the world today. This will change in the next decades as we reached a turning point as a new study revealed this week. Read more

Now studying Sustainability in Seattle

Seattle from the boat - blog

Dear visitors, subscribers and friends. It is with distinct pleasure that I am announcing that as of today (and for the next two years) I’ll be studying for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainable Business at Pinchot University, Seattle. Read more

Five fruits and vegetables a day keeps the doctor away

Five fruits and veggies a day

There has been for quite some time a big communications campaign in France promoting eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day. While this might sound hard, it is actually very easy once you have gotten some key healthy habits. Read more

Global emissions from energy sector stalled in 2014

energy sector carbon emissions in 2014

Good news everyone ! According to the International Energy Agency, global carbon emissions related to the energy sector ” stalled ” last year. This took place in a time of global economic growth (+3% globally). Read more

Hydrogen is ” an incredibly dumb ” car fuel

A Japanese hydrogen concept car

That’s Elon Musk’s opinion so that must be true. Tesla’s genius founder put yet another nail in the hydrogen coffin and stated what we knew all along : hydrogen is a technology that may well be too complex to ever be significant. Read more

A massive drought strikes Brazil

Drought near Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In the land of carnavals, I had read that some festivities had been cancelled because of the lack of water, so I knew something was wrong in Brazil. In fact, it is the worst drought in 84 years !  Read more

Mosques are going solar too

Mosques are going solar in Jordan

I previously wrote that there are solar panels on the Vatican and some churches. Likewise, I reported that Christians are urged by to act on climate by Pope Francis. Now, Muslims are also starting to cover their mosques with solar panels too. Read more

Citigroup to invest 100 billion in cleantech


Yes, you read that right, it’s billion, with a B, like a thousand million… Now this is further proof that cleantech and renewables DO make sense financially. Otherwise, why would such a bank invests so much in them ? Read more

266 gigawatts ! India is going big, enormous, on renewables

An indian engineer with solar cookers

While India is plaggued by horrendous air pollution just like neighbouring China, it might not be the case in ten or twenty years from now. We have seen the world’s largest democracy will provide clean electricity to 400 million people thanks to renewables.

Read more

Our civilization is 98 percent energy inefficient

Old incandescent light bulb

You know it if you have been reading this blog for some time : I am an energy efficiency nut. While less sexy than renewables, consuming energy more efficiently is just the most important part of our transition towards sustainability. Read more

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