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Book review : 75 green businesses you can start

75 green businesses review

I had bought and half read that book all the way back to 2008 when it was published but never had finished it or written its review. It was high time for me to do so.  Read more

Afforestt : planting mini super forests everywhere

afforestt logo

For the past few years I have grown to become a treehugger, willing to see more trees everywhere as they could clean our air from pollution and prevent climate change. Then comes Afforestt.  Read more

Slashing energy consumption of historical monuments


Versailles, le Louvre and countless châteauxThese monuments must be hard to heat and must be hard to lit. But what if a British castle showed the way to solve these problems ? Read more

Some bad news on climate and the Antarctic


Three news on climate change got my attention the past week, each one could have been worthy of a full post. First and foremost, it seems scientists have underestimated the rate of global warming. Read more

Inventors of the blue LED awarded the Nobel prize

Evolution of lights sources

This year’s Nobel prize in Physics is all about energy efficiency as it was awarded to three Japanese scientists for their invention of the blue LED. This enabled the world to have super efficient LED light bulbs. Read more

Ireland is another European leader on renewables

Dublin by night

And here is another article I wrote for Cleantechies. This time I wrote about my beloved Ireland – I studied in Dublin for a year – and it is another European leader on renewables. Please make sure to read the full article there.

California encourage solar panels pointing west

Compass pointing West

In April I was noting that a study shown that putting solar panels facing West – and not South – had some benefits. Indeed, panels facing this direction generate more power in peak hour.  Read more

Carbon tax and divestment movement are gaining support

Soon carbon will be taxed

If climate change is getting each month more scary, our answers to it are getting bigger. The carbon tax is gaining support as The World Bank reports that no less than 74 countries and over a thousand companies are supporting it. Read more

52 percent of biodiversity losses since 1970

Young orang utan, Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia - WWF

These are the staggering figures the WWF published yesterday : ” Wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52 per cent since 1970 “. Read more

India goes forward on cleantech at high speed

India fields and wind turbines

We have seen recently that China is going full speed ahead on cleantech and climate change. Well, India is set on not staying behind either. Here are some news I collected recently. Read more

Here are the best policies to combat global warming

polar bear

The Economist has recently published three articles on energy and climate that received all my attention. One was a recap on which actions have cut the most greenhouse gases emissions. And the results are quite surprising. Read more

400,000 people in New York demanding action on climate

People's climate march September 2014

You might have heard it in the news, as this weekend no less than 400,000 people marched in New York City to demand adequate action on climate change. Similar marches were organized around the world.  Read more

Can France succeed its energy transition ?


That’s the question I was asking myself in my latest Cleantechies opinion piece as my beloved homecountry’s incumbent government unveiled at long last its own energy transition policy.

Soon on your windows : invisible solar panels

transparent solar panels

What if solar panels were completely transparent ? They could be placed over windows and could enable us to have self charging smartphones. Now that’s something great. Read more

China is getting every month more serious on climate

Red flags in China

During my break from writing I missed news on how China is getting more and more serious on fighting climate change each month. Read more

A billion dollar a day invested in efficiency


365 billion Dollars (approx. 278 billion euros) : this is the money that was spent on energy efficiency around the world in 2012 according to a recent study the leading consultancy Ecofys did for HSBC. Read more

Cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible

Boyan Slat Ocean Array

As I stated this summer in a previous article, we could clean up our oceans from plastic. Better, we could do it in a few years. That’s what Boyan Slat, a 20-year youngster from the Netherlands believe. Read more

Colombia enacts key law promoting renewables

Colombian flag

If I am back on this blog, I am also back on Cleantechies with my 60th post there in five years. I am writing for the occasion about my beloved Colombia, which enacted a key law to promote renewables.

The circular economy is a trillion-dollar opportunity


In a great interview a Sustainability specialist for Accenture mentioned that this company believes that the circular economy is a 6 trillion Dollar opportunity by 2030. Read more

IPCC published another grim report on climate

Petermann Glacier NASA

The IPCC have published another draft of report that should be a wake-up call for all nations. Indeed, climate change is becoming each year more frightening, more dangerous and more difficult to stop. Read more

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