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The beginning of the end for fossil fuels

Oil extraction

Today, fossil fuels account for the vast majority of energy sources around the world today. This will change in the next decades as we reached a turning point as a new study revealed this week. Read more

Now studying Sustainability in Seattle

Seattle from the boat - blog

Dear visitors, subscribers and friends. It is with distinct pleasure that I am announcing that as of today (and for the next two years) I’ll be studying for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainable Business at Pinchot University, Seattle. Read more

Five fruits and vegetables a day keeps the doctor away

Five fruits and veggies a day

There has been for quite some time a big communications campaign in France promoting eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day. While this might sound hard, it is actually very easy once you have gotten some key healthy habits. Read more

Global emissions from energy sector stalled in 2014

energy sector carbon emissions in 2014

Good news everyone ! According to the International Energy Agency, global carbon emissions related to the energy sector ” stalled ” last year. This took place in a time of global economic growth (+3% globally). Read more

Hydrogen is ” an incredibly dumb ” car fuel

A Japanese hydrogen concept car

That’s Elon Musk’s opinion so that must be true. Tesla’s genius founder put yet another nail in the hydrogen coffin and stated what we knew all along : hydrogen is a technology that may well be too complex to ever be significant. Read more

A massive drought strikes Brazil

Drought near Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In the land of carnavals, I had read that some festivities had been cancelled because of the lack of water, so I knew something was wrong in Brazil. In fact, it is the worst drought in 84 years !  Read more

Mosques are going solar too

Mosques are going solar in Jordan

I previously wrote that there are solar panels on the Vatican and some churches. Likewise, I reported that Christians are urged by to act on climate by Pope Francis. Now, Muslims are also starting to cover their mosques with solar panels too. Read more

Citigroup to invest 100 billion in cleantech


Yes, you read that right, it’s billion, with a B, like a thousand million… Now this is further proof that cleantech and renewables DO make sense financially. Otherwise, why would such a bank invests so much in them ? Read more

266 gigawatts ! India is going big, enormous, on renewables

An indian engineer with solar cookers

While India is plaggued by horrendous air pollution just like neighbouring China, it might not be the case in ten or twenty years from now. We have seen the world’s largest democracy will provide clean electricity to 400 million people thanks to renewables.

Read more

Our civilization is 98 percent energy inefficient

Old incandescent light bulb

You know it if you have been reading this blog for some time : I am an energy efficiency nut. While less sexy than renewables, consuming energy more efficiently is just the most important part of our transition towards sustainability. Read more

Norway’s fund divests from coal and tar-sands

Lofoten, Norway

As the Wall Street Journal reported Norway’s sovereign-wealth fund – which was built on the country’s oil and gas revenues – is divesting from fossil fuels companies producing coal and tar-sands. Read more

A liter of light, an update

A liter of light

Back to  2011 I wrote about Isang Litrong Liwanag, a Filipino iniative to bring light to people living in the slums of Manila. Years laters, the project has grown, found partners and is expanding globally. Read more

Infographics on the water-energy nexus

A coal fired plant in Indiana, USA

We all need water and energy but with climate change, water scarcity is increasing. And sometimes, precious water is necessary to generate electricity. So for today’s post, I gathered a few infographics on that topic.  Read more

The Kyoto Protocol is a success. Really ?

I love the Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol entered into force ten years ago and it is reason to celebrate. To the official UNFCC website, ” Countries with targets under the Kyoto Protocol have collectively exceeded their original ambition early analysis shows. “ Read more

Marine energies are growing

Alstom marine energies

For today’s post I have gathered latest news on a form of renewables we read too little about : marine energy. Given the astounding potential (240 GW by 2050), I believe it’s safe to say this will change as technologies mature.  Read more

Cheap oil won’t kill the cleantech revolution

Solar panels and rainbow

With the current low prices of oil – they are now around $50 –  one could think that solar, wind and the likes wouldn’t be this interesting as an alternative. Luckily, it isn’t the case at all. Let’s see why. Read more

Oceans are warming really fast

Oceans are warming fast

So fast, in fact that scientists studying the phenomenon are making new scales to adapt. As the Guardian reported last week , ” NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration )  literally has to remake its graphs. “ Read more

Bangladesh now has over three million solar houses


I reported in June 2011 that Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries, had over a million solar roofs. A few years later and these figures have tripled as the country now has 3.1 million residential solar energy systems. Read more

Obesity costs two trillion dollars a year

Obesity costs two trillions dollars

Obesity is the hidden elephant in the room. To a new study released by McKinsey, this costs two trillion dollars a year as 2.1 billion people globally are either overweight or obese. This is an epidemic, no less. Read more

Electricity sources and their carbon intensity

carbon intensity of electricity per country

Which countries have the electricity with the lowest amount of greenhouse gases per kilowatt-hour ? Which energy source is the greenest ? An article from Cleantechnica answers these important questions. Read more

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A French Management professional - now for hire - Edouard Stenger has been selecting since 2007 the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change, environmental issues, cleantech and the world energy sector.


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