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Sustainability at work : repair, reduce and reuse

Make do and mendMaking it do, making it last, mending it : this is something that our parents or grandparents were doing but that we don’t do it nowadays anymore. This is bad for our environment and our societies. Here is a reflection.

What do my wallet, my suitcase and my swimming goggles have in common ? They are all repaired items. Both suitcase and wallet were showing signs of age because of extensive use over the years.

Despite frantic protest from my parents stating quite rightly that I could afford new ones, I had them sewn by one of my dear aunts : Pascale is a real genius with either a needle or a sewing machine. Read more

Income inequality is at an all time high and growing

UNFPA reportRecently both the United Nations and the NGO Oxfam has pointed out a worrying fact : income inequality is growing. Indeed, to Oxfam85 people own the same wealth as the bottom half the world’s population.

But as a recent UN Population Fund report pointed out : ” The proportion of people living on less than $1.25 per day has fallen from 47 per cent in 1990 to 22 per cent in 2010. But growing inequality could undermine these gains. “

This doesn’t show that capitalism does not work, it points out to the fact that it could work much better by redistributing wealth better. Read more

IPCC solutions to a warming world are cheap

IPCC AR5 WGIIII reported recently that the IPCC is publishing this year its fifth assessment report (AR5). The last working group has published its own report and it has come to the climate change solutions we have to put in place.

The good news is : it’s going to be really cheap, only a mere, tiny, itsy bitsy 0.06 percent of global GDP per annum. The bad news : we have to act fast or it is will either impossible or really expensive.

As I have reported before, clean energy prices have decreased sharply in the past few years, so now is the best time to go massively in solar, wind and energy efficiency. Read more

European Investment Bank to provide France 750 million Euros for renewables

Wind turbines in Camargue, France - squareI often have my home country, France, is beginning to lag dangerously on renewable energy sources and the energy transition, and this albeit I have witnessed interesting development. But could this change. As I wrote for Cleantechies :

” Covering European environmental and energy policies for Cleantechies got me thinking lately how France is lagging behind its neighbours. Indeed, in the last few months I have reported rapid development in Portugal, Spain or the UK.”

Let’s hope this massive investment – 750 million euros, or approximately a billion US Dollars - will spur a rise in renewables here. (Image credit : Flickr. )

It’s official, I became a top influencer on climate

Jim McClelland and Solarcentury logosThis week I was featured for the first time in the ” Top 500 influencers active on Twitter in Climate Science & Forecast, the Carbon Economy, Emissions, Clean, Green & Renewable Energy, Generation and Efficiency, from Policy to Practice.”

This is a great honor as among the people ranked are Al Gore (#1) or Kees van der Leun (#70). The list is curated and managed by Jim McClelland in association with Solarcentury. Many thanks to them for featuring and ranking my humble work.

I am at #404 which is pretty good for a first time. I will keep you updated of my ranking from time to time and will do my best to improve that ranking.

Light pollution is harming us all

Chicago by night. But is it really nightIf you have been reading this blog for a few years, you know it : I am very much interested in astronomy and even happen to practice it from time to time. But this is becoming harder and harder globally because of light pollution.

But is light pollution really a pollution ? YES, as it has averse effects on many if not on all species, including ours. Aeon Magazine has published a compelling article on why we should turn off – or at least drastically dim – all street lights :

1. it’s useless to have so much light at night 2. it’s bad for human health 3. it’s even worse for animals. Reading the article, I am quite glad France decided last year to tackle this issue. Read more

Australia is getting isolated on climate

Tony Abbott current Australian PMThe stance of the current Australian Prime Minister – Conservative Tony Abbott, pictured left -  is isolating the country on the global stage as climate change becomes each day more serious.

As Climate Progress recently reported, Abbott has been aiming sharp criticism at the G20, the IMF and the United States, among others, as they are considering that warming temperatures are a threat – which they indeed are, all to clearly.

This is taking place as the carbon tax put in place by the previous government is taking a massive toll on fossil fuels and as renewables are soaring in Australia as the local website RenewEconomy shows.

Could we reforest the Sahara desert ?

Reforesting the desertsIs this the key to afforestation projects in arid or desert areas ? As hundreds of billion of trees have to be planted over the next decades to avert climate change, the question is of tremendous importance.

As Cleantechnica reports, the Gulf state of Qatar is experimenting an interesting project – the Sahara Forest Project – that would use deserts, saltwater and CO2 to produce food, water and clean energy.

As the official site notes, their pilot project – a greenhouse producing food – is a success and could literally change the world. Science Magazine has more details for you to read.

European Union gets 23.4% of electricity from renewables

Offshore wind turbineHere is another article on Cleantechies focusing on another success story, but this time a European one as clean energy sources are pursuing their rise. The energy transition is slowly taking place. Here is the introduction :

” According to official statistics from Eurobserv’ER, 23.4 percent of the electricity in the European Union came from renewable energy sources in 2012.The total output for 2012 has been estimated at 763.5 TW. ”

” This represents an important increase from 2011, when these energy sources brought ” only ” 20.4 percent of total electricity.” As usual, please enjoy and share !

The American success story of tire recycling

Dumped tires USAHere is an impressive environmental success story that took place in the United States. According to Mother Nature Network, up to 90 percent of the two to three billion tires dumped in the USA have been recycled over the past few decades.

To MNN : ” In 2011, 197 million scrap tires were recycled or repurposed, a number that’s growing. The biggest category is tire-derived fuel, (…) but more than 500,000 tons (26.2 percent) became ground rubber and playground walkways “

In the full article there is a link to a great story from Maryland, where 1.2 million old tires were dumped in a wetland. After having them removed, Nature got back to its original state. Read more

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A French Management professional - now for hire - Edouard Stenger has been selecting since 2007 the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change, environmental issues, cleantech and the world energy sector.


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