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Pro-Natura International: green charcoal for developing countries

Pro-Natura InternationalThanks to Pro-Natura International, an interesting project is beginning in Africa with the use of green waste as a new source of charcoal. This alternative to solar cookers is another solution to stop deforestation in tropical countries.

This project started in 2007 with a single plant in Senegal which products already benefit to 20,000 people. To the NGO a few thousands of similar plants are expected to open throughout Africa in the very next years.

Much cheaper and convenient than traditional charcoal, it is also emitting much less carbon dioxide or methane.

Replacing a tonne of charcoal by green charcoal avoids the emissions of 11,6 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

The organization is already studying applying this in Brazil, India and China.

If you are representing a successful Non Governmental Organization dedicated to mitigating climate change and / or sustainable development, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would gladly write about your project for free.

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