It seems every single thing we enjoy in our daily lives is endangered by unchecked climate change. We have seen here that chocolate, coffee and wine will see their productions alter and decrease by warming temperatures. Climate Progress published last month a list of 16 of your favorite things that […]

Climate change endangers tea

Not so long ago, I hated tea and saw it like a drink for elders or respected Englishmen (or my parents…). But with time I evolved, mostly thanks to my discovery of green tea with mint in Morocco. Now there is hardly a day where I don’t drink a pint […]

Lifestyle tip : ditch the sodas, drink tea


We might be led to thinking that with global warming, we won’t be freezing anymore during winters. Counter-intuitively, this won’t be the case as I wrote in December as global warming may mean colder winters… So we should better learn how to keep warm while still not touching the thermostat […]

8 great tips to keep warm during winter